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Member Forms

2023 Inquiry Package - This document contains a Welcome Letter, Membership Option Comparison, Application, Event List Worksheet, and an Additional Insured Endorsement Worksheet.


Insurance Certificate Request - Request a Certificate of Insurance or an Additional Insured Endorsement.


Hold Harmless Agreement - This is a sample Hold Harmless Agreement/Participant Release Waiver. All Members, Non-Member Participants and Volunteers involved in club activities should sign an agreement and release form stating that they are participating and/or volunteering in your event at their own risk. HUA does not require that this particular form be used. If a specific wording is required by state statute, we ask that our members comply with their local statutes. Consult an attorney in your state for the latest information.


Accident Report - Complete and submit this form for any accident regardless of who is or may be liable. We are obligated by our insurance contract to report accidents as soon as possible, even if no claim is likely.


Events Form - If you have additional events not listed on the "Events Schedule" (pg 4 of the 2023_InquiryPkg) please email the following information to [email protected].

  • Event Name
  • Date of the Event (include range if multiple days)
  • Location of the Event (City and State)
  • Main Contact (Name and Phone)
  • Type of Event
  • Name of Additional Insured (Name and Address, if applicable)